The original Jardines came to Paso Robles in 1874 according to the book "History of San Luis Obispo County and environs, California". William and Mary Jardine were born in Scotland and married June 7, 1866 in the church at Tynron Scotland.


They traveled to the United States and settled in Kentucky for a few years where their three children were born, John Thomas, William Robert, and Jessie Agnes. Then in 1874 they moved to Paso Robles and had a place along the Huero Huero river a few miles east of Paso Robles.

The boys grew up to be farmers here in the Paso Robles area. Jardine Road is named after John Thomas. They farmed the plains east of Paso Robles to Shandon. While the boys were farming the plains their dad owned and operated the Santa Ysabel Ranch. Wouldn't it be nice to still have the Santa Ysabel Ranch? Anyway that is how we got here to Paso Robles.

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